This Links page is designed to provide information and resources for people organizing Run for a Healthy World events. Our goal here is networking and sharing information to advance the global movement uniting people and sports to meet the Millennium Development Goals.

Sport & Development Platform

This Internet platform is a virtual focal point dedicated entirely to Sport & Development. It is a communication tool for those with an interest in sport and development to share experience and knowledge. Supported by Sport for Development & Peace International Working Group and the United Nations, this has a worldwide directory of organizations, projects and people.

GCAP: The Global Call to Action against Poverty

The Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) is a worldwide alliance made up of many national campaigns supporting the Millennium Development Goals including; Make Poverty History (UK), The One Campaign (US), the Fair Share Campaign (Australia), Don't Let It Be: World Poverty (Japan), Keep Your Promises (India), and others. It coordinates global White Band Days to Mobilize citizen support and make world leaders live up to their Millennium Development Goals promises.

Directory of Development Organizations

The directory of development organizations, listing 47.500 development organizations, has been prepared to facilitate international cooperation and knowledge sharing in development work, both among civil society organizations, research institutions, governments and the private sector.

WANGO World Association of Non Governmental Organizations

The World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) is an international organization uniting NGOs worldwide in the cause of advancing peace and global well being. WANGO helps to provide the mechanism and support needed for NGOs to connect, partner, share, inspire, and multiply their contributions to solve humanity's basic problems.

CIVICUS: The World Alliance for Citizen Participation

CIVICUS is an international alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world. CIVICUS: The World Alliance for Citizen Participation is an international alliance of an estimate 1000 members in about 100 countries that has worked for over a decade to strengthen citizen action and civil society throughout the world, especially in areas where participatory democracy and citizens' freedom of association are threatened. CIVICUS has a vision of a global community of active, engaged citizens committed to the creation of a more just and equitable world. This is premised on the belief that the health of societies exists in direct proportion to the degree of balance between the state, the private sector and civil society.

Run The Planet

"The Largest Worldwide Running Community on the Internet." From Antarctica to Zimbabwe, Run The Planet offers 4431 descriptions of where to run and walk in 3294 cities around the world presenting running information told by the locals. This site has great Community, Calendar, Library, and Search features.

Cool Running

Cool Running is a complete online collection of information, services and tools for the running community. It offers the Web's most comprehensive race calendar, race results listings,
and training advice for runners of all abilities. It has an extensive directory of running clubs around the world.

Hash House Harriers

The Hash House Harriers (HHH) is an eccentric international running, drinking and socializing club founded in Malaysia in 1938. Hashing is a hounds and hares, social sport which promotes physical activity and social fraternity, as well as better international relations in over 175 countries around the world. The organization of the HHH is completely decentralized, with more than 1700 groups in every major city in the world. HHH is often called the "drinking club with a running problem!"

World Run Day

Founded in 1999, World Run Day promotes the sport of running and charitable giving on one special day each year. Thousands of people in cities worldwide have united their passion for fitness with their desire to help others on World Run Day-an international day of running and charitable giving. World Run Day allows every runner, whether with a group or running individually, to be a part of the day and is celebrated simultaneously around the globe by people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities. World Run Day has a partnership with the Fight Hunger division of the United Nation's World Food Programme to raise funds for child feeding projects throughout the developing world.

The Blue Planet Run

Blue Planet Run™ is a first ever global relay run, designed to bring awareness to a solvable problem facing millions today: lack of access to safe drinking water. Fourteen world class athletes will run relay style around the globe 24 hours a day to capture the world's attention and foster support for implementing solutions. A Blue Planet Run event of this kind will take place every two years until 2027, or until the solutions outpace the problem. The Blue Planet Run will begin on June 2, 2007 in New York City and take 24 runners on a historic 95-day, 15,000-mile journey through 16 countries across the world. It is the first world relay run to circumnavigate the earth. This historic run is designed to spread a worldwide message about the need for safe drinking water.

Fight Hunger: Walk the World

Walk the World is a global day of action to raise awareness about the 350 million hungry children in this world. It urges policy-makers and governments ­ whether in rich or poor countries ­ to focus more funds and resources on feeding children. Walk the World also raises funds to finance projects that assist hungry children. Its efforts are linked closely to the Millennium Development Goals and halving the number of all hungry people by 2015. On Sunday 21 May 2006, more than 760.000 people in 118 countries and 420 locations, across 24 time zones, participated in Fight Hunger: Walk the World. The 2007 date for Walk the World is 13 May 2007. This annual event was initiated in 2004 and is coordinated by World Food Programme (WFP). WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency helping 90 million poor people to meet their nutritional needs, including 61 million hungry children, in at least 80 of the world's poorest countries.

Global Peace Games for Children and Youth

Each year the Global Peace Games for Children and Youth are an opportunity for children and youth to demonstrate their central role in the mission of global friendship and peace, and to show their solidarity and support for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The Games support the UN initiative on Sport for Development and Peace. The Global Peace Games are held each year in the fall, on or around the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21. The Games are locally financed and planned. PLAY SOCCER provides leadership at the international level to organize and promote the annual Global Peace Games for Children and Youth. It is joined at the international level by a number of other organizations--SOS Children's Villages, FIFA, Right to PLAY, ---and at the national and community level by many others who volunteer to spread the open invitation and to organize events.


GuluWalk is focused on supporting the abandoned children of northern Uganda. On Saturday, October 21, 2006, GuluWalk Day, over 30,000 people, in 82 cities and 15 different countries took to the streets to urge the world to support peace in northern Uganda. The event raised over $500,000 for programs for a generation of children being left behind in Uganda. GuluWalk is an international campaign of Athletes for Africa, a registered Canadian charity. GuluWalk is now an annual event in cities around the world.





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